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Video on “Dress Rehearsal. Food, sustainable emergency and design”

The FAD has produced a 10-minute video featuring the General Rehearsal, the sustainable meal organised on 11 June 2016, through interviews and images of the event, from the moment the idea was conceived to its development and the conclusions drawn from it. An innovative experience in a new format, a dress rehearsal, which has allowed multiple actors to become involved and has placed the discipline of design at the service of our surrounding society through an issue that affects us all: the lack of sustainability in today’s food system.

The video attests to the complexity of the problem: from the food we waste to the necessary consumption of local produce to food transportation, distribution, water or waste management. The project sought to put the city to the test on a small scale in a sustainable meal, which measured the environmental, social and economic footprint of each one of the actions that were undertaken.