FADFEST - Festival de les Arts i del Disseny
FADFEST - Festival de les Arts i del Disseny
FADFEST - Festival de les Arts i del Disseny

Graphic art to reinforce the FADfest brand

This year, Barcelona’s Clase studio was in charge of redefining the branding and graphic art of the FADfest, giving rise to a system of great visual power that will last in time.

If you have ever received a FADfest newsletter or have taken part in one of its activities, or have simply encountered it on a street banner, in the metro, on an illuminated advertising board or in a Facebook post, you will have noticed the new graphic art for the latest staging of the FADfest, created by Barcelona’s Clase studio.

The purpose of the change was to review the branding and communication of the FADfest brand to establish a new, more solid and visually recognizable basis for a broader public, an identity that would have its roots in the FAD while enhancing it.

The FADfest’s identity is governed by a few conditioning factors that define the goals of the change: it is an annual event and the wider public therefore does not find it easy to remember the brand. Nor does it have a substantial budget for communication, something that does not help us in the widespread dissemination of the event. This is why the evolution took it towards a highly visual identity that would be easy to recall yet would smoothly lend itself to evolving year after year.


The fact that FADfest does not contain the word design was one of the keys in our attempt to reinforce the brand and make it comprehensible to a wider public. A more descriptive baseline associated with its content was indispensable in order to ensure its effectiveness. We did not consider that the one hitherto used, The Festival of All Design, was sufficiently clear and it also left out a part of the disciplines encompassed by the FAD: architects, artisans and artists. We finally chose to define it as the Festival of Arts and Design, a baseline that also succeeded in associating the FADfest identity with that of the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design).

A language on its own

We chose to create a language of its own for the FADfest, evolved from the FAD’s identity created in 2006 by the BASE studio, which was inspired in the basic geometric shapes of the Bauhaus. It needed to be a visually eye-catching language that would help people remember it yet could develop in later years through a change of colour or use of the shapes without losing its identity.

In regard to the colour, we decided not to use the corporate colours of the FAD associations in order to avoid confusion, so chose other more striking combinations: the colour range is freed to allow it to evolve year after year, allowing for innovation within a consistent and highly identifiable framework.

The graphic applications on the different mediums were developed by the designer Noèlia Felip under the direction of Daniel Ayuso and Marina Martínez of the Clase studio, the identity’s creators.

The applications developed were highly diverse as befits the campaign of any festival, although there was one that undoubtedly drew the attention of thousands of Barcelonans, a double-decker tourist bus entirely covered in a vinyl coating featuring the FADfest graphics. The bus contained the exhibition on “The State of Tourism” since the central theme of this edition of the festival was tourism.

Animation in the videos

Moreover, one of the unique features of the latest FADfest staging was its dissemination through short audiovisual capsules lasting around 30 seconds. Clase incorporated the graphic art into these capsules through animations so that they would retain their link to the festival and would be easy to interrelate even when viewed on different channels, from the advertisement format on betevé to Facebook posts. The animation was developed by Nil Serraima.