FADFEST - Festival de les Arts i del Disseny
FADFEST - Festival de les Arts i del Disseny
FADFEST - Festival de les Arts i del Disseny

The Triplay and Transpatio projects, winners of the Habitàcola Awards 2017

The Habitàcola Awards were presented on Thursday 29 June as part of the prize-giving ceremony of the FAD Architecture and Interior DesignAwards.

The Habitàcola Awards, which are open to students, have the goal of disseminating the importance of creativity, social commitment and professional rigour among institutions and the general population, supporting and promoting new initiatives, new approaches and emerging talent. They were created in 1987 with the aim of furthering reflection on the new theoretical frameworks in the fields of design and architecture and to debate, jointly with schools, on innovative solutions and points of view in the different topics of social interest which each edition proposes.


The Habitàcola Awards ’17: School Playground

In this edition, the theme requires reflecting on the design of the school playground, which is a place for both playing and learning but above all a space of freedom and social relationships for the children where latent conflicts also emerge, such as the lack of gender equality.

A total of 56 projects participated in this year’s edition. The jury that issued the verdict on the Habitàcola Awards comprised Josep Benedito (chairman), an architect with expertise in the design of schools, and the members Agnès Barba, director of theEscoladelsEncants school; Ignacio Bonet, architect and member ofARQUIN-FAD; Maria Pia Fontana, architect and the driving force behind the initiative ‘Hacemosescuela, hacemos barrio’ (Building schools, building neighbourhoods)and Dafne Saldaña, architect of the ‘Equal Saree’ collective. The verdict was the following:


Habitàcola Awards 2017  (ex aequo)


Project: Triplay

Authors: AnYiMaria Terrisse and Irene Morillas

Supervising professor: MiquelEspinet
Educational centre: EINA, Centre Universitari de Disseny i Art de Barcelona (Barcelona University Centre for Design and Art)

The jury’s evaluation: “Despite this proposal being based on the design of a modular system which brings uniformity and coherence to the whole, it focuses on creating spaces that foster different ways of experiencing the playground space. It proposes versatile, mobile and adaptable solutions that are also viable.”

TransPATIO Project by Eva Gutiérrez López, of Deià School


Habitàcola Educational Centre Award

Escola d’Art i Superior de DissenyDeià
The jury’s evaluation:  “for the overall quality of the proposals entered”.


Habitàcola Opinion Award

Project: Sobre rodes (On Wheels)

Authors: Elisabet Pallas, Marc Huertos

Supervising professors: Francesc Subirà, Eva M. Gómez

Educational centre: ESDAP Tàrrega Ondara. Headquarters of l’Escola Superior de Disseny i Arts Plàstiques de Catalunya (Catalonia Higher School of Design and Plastic Arts)

Sobre rodes (On Wheels) Project by Elisabet Pallas and Marc Huertos