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Video on “Dress Rehearsal. Food, sustainable emergency and design”

Whether you attended or not, we recommend that you view it. At the end you will find a great scoop: the date of the next FADfest! Check whether you can see yourselves in the video and record the date in your diaries :-)

Video on “Dress Rehearsal. Food, sustainable emergency and design”

The FAD has produced a 10-minute video featuring the General Rehearsal, the sustainable meal organised on 11 June 2016, through interviews and images of the event, from the moment the idea was conceived to its development and the conclusions drawn from it.

Open Ateliers in the Dress Rehearsal

Este sábado 11 de junio los colectivos que han hecho posible esta jornada dedicada a la comida, la emergencia sostenible y el diseño, ofrecen talleres abiertos para todos los públicos en paralelo al gran banquete.

Winners of the FAD Awards 2016

FAD Awards Arquipélago - Centro de Artes Contemporâneas in Azores and 3 metro stations on L9 in Barcelona and Hospitalet, winners of the FAD Awards to Architecture and Interior Design 2016 Pedra da Rá Vantage Point in La Coruña and the Species of Spaces exhibition at the Macba win the City and Landscape and Ephemeral Interventions Awards respectively. The International FAD Award goes to the Córdoba Reurbano project in Mexico City.

Laus Awards 2016: The Winners

El estudio Javier Jaén por “The New York Time Magazine” y DDB por “Hologramas por la libertad” ganan los Grand Laus de este año. Yves Zimmermann recibe el Laus de Honor, La Fábrica el Laus de Empresas y Entidades, y “Cenizas”, de McCann para Campofrío, el Premio Laus Aporta Fundació Banc-Sabadell.
Maria Martí, de Elisava, por “Nu.”, se hace con el Young Talent y el Laus Aporta-Fundació Banc Sabadell para Estudiantes se lo lleva “Think, the veggie ink”, de Eva Vesikansa de la escuela IDEP.

Winners of the ADI Awards

Albert Aira, a member of Investigació Canyera (Cane Research), explains the determination of this architects’ collective to make the practice of architecture coherent again by introducing materials from the nearest vicinity, such as the common cane.

The Alencop Cooperative participates in the parades

This project, devoted to ensuring decent living conditions for collectives in a vulnerable situation, will bring its electric tricycles to the Dress Rehearsal.

The Materials Farm. Designing New Materials From Agriculture, Food and Living Organisms

During the “The Materials Farm” meeting we will discover different experiences in the development of new materials from agriculture, food and biological processes alongside a number of local and international designers and researchers.

Arqu[in]FILM: film and architecture

A film cycle on the architect’s craft organised by ArquinFad and the Filmoteca de Cataluña, the Catalan Film Library.

Dress Rehearsal. Challenge #09: Building with natural materials

Albert Aira, a member of Investigació Canyera (Cane Research), explains the determination of this architects’ collective to make the practice of architecture coherent again by introducing materials from the nearest vicinity, such as the common cane.

Open Ateliers in the Dress Rehearsal

This Saturday 11 June the collectives that made possible this session dedicated to food, sustainable emergency and design will offer open ateliers for the general public in parallel to the great banquet.

Dress Rehearsal. Challenge #08: Encouraging proximity

Oscar Martín, head of analysis of the Municipal Institute of Barcelona’s Markets, speaks about the meaning of an initiative such as Mercados Verdes (Green Markets).

The Capellades Paper Mill Museum colaborates with General Rehearsal

The museum has confirmed their participation in this year Fadfest.

Dress Rehearsal. Challenge #07: Supporting the farmers

Lluís Solanas, president of the Cooperativa Agraria Santboiana, the Sant Boi Farmers’ Cooperative, explains the reasons why it is necessary for the institutions to boost the promotion of local farming.

Laus Company Award 2016

The ADG-FAD Board has recognised La Fábrica with the Laus Enterprises and Institutions Award 2016.

Dress Rehearsal. Challenge #06: Fighting against wastefulness

A considerable volume of fruit and vegetables in good condition is discarded for not meeting the measurements demanded by food distribution platforms.

Inauguration of «The Best Design of the Year» exhibition

The exhibition showcases the shortlisted and prize-winning works in the prizes awarded by the different FAD associations during the FADfest 2016 and can be viewed until 30 October 2016.

Dress Rehearsal. Challenge #05: Reusing what we already have

Encants Barcelona joins the Assaig General‬! (‎Dress Rehearsal). In recent weeks they have been collecting crockery and cutlery for the 900 diners of the sustainable banquet staged by the FADfest 2016.

Mater Brunch. Upcycling: recycling and improving

A talk with some of the major materials designers, who will share surprising success experiences with the recycled materials they produce.

Dress Rehearsal. Challenge #04: Cooking for not throwing out

Ada Parellada and Sergi de Meià are the cooks who have designed the great banquet without any food wastage for the Dress Rehearsal. The event will take place on Saturday 11 June as part of the FADfest 2016.

Inauguration of the FADfest 2016: ‘Sustainable Food Design’, by Honey & Bunny + the expos ‘The Best Design of the Year’ and ‘Dress Rehearsal. Food, sustainable emergency and design’

The festival opens with the inauguration of the two exhibitions and the Austrian duo of food designers, who will stage one of their performance actions on the political and ecological implications of food routines in our societies.
Free registration!

General Rehearsal. Challenge #03: Designing new materials

Ivan Rodríguez, materials engineer of Materfad Barcelona, tells us about «The Materials Farm» workshop of the FADfest 2016,where local and international designers and researchers will share their experiences in developing new materials from agriculture, food and biological processes.

Interview to Jasper Morrison

Jasper Morrison is the president of the jury of the Delta Awards and the ADI Medals of Industrial Design of the ADI-FAD

Lettuce Meal: Tasting of local lettuces.

Set up by the designer Elsa Yranzo

NyamNyam reactivates ‘Bread with wine and sugar’

We recover a popular tradition in the Poblenou district for the dessert of the Dress Rehearsal banquet of 11 June.

General Rehearsal: Challenge #02: Self-Supplying the Cities

Joan Rieradevall, Researcher of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology (ICTA), introduce in this video the second challenge of the General Rehearsal

General Rehearsal. Challenge #01: To redesign taste

Interview with Toni Massanés, General Director of Alicia Fundation which gives nutritional counseling to the General Rehearsal. We present one of the challenges of General Reheasal: To redesign taste.

The Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology collaborates in the General Rehersal

Their lettuces take part of project Fertilecity. An initiative to promote the introduction of agricultural production in the city.

The shortlist for the ADI Awards 2016 has been published

You can now consult the names of the works shortlisted for the different ADI Awards: Delta Awards to Industrial Design, the ADI Medals for design students and the new ADI Culture Awards for projects that foster the culture of design.

The shortlist for the FAD Awards to Architecture and Interior Design 2016 has been announced

We now know the names of the longlisted and shortlisted projects for the FAD Awards to Architecture and Interior Design, International FAD Awards and FAD Awards to Thought and Critique organised by ARQUIN-FAD, the Interdisciplinary Space Design Association of the FAD. The prize-giving ceremony will take place on 8 June 2016 as part of the FADfest 2016.

General Rehearsal General: Participate at the sustainable (and free!) feast of Barcelone

Be part of the General Rehearsal of the 2016 edition of the FADfest! ¿How? Come in and find it...

Program presentation of the FADfest’16

Between 6 and 12 June, the Disseny Hub Barcelona is hosting the 6th staging of the FADfest, the Barcelona festival that features design in all its disciplines.

Great success in entries for the FAD Awards

The awards organised by the FAD associations this year have achieved major participation success.

Cosentino, new FAD sponsor

Sponsorship agreement between Cosentino Group, a global Spanish company and a leading player in the production and distribution of innovative surfaces for architecture and design, and the FAD as well as ARQUIN-FAD.

Jasper Morrison, jury president of Delta Awards

The british designer Jasper Morrison will be the jury president of Delta Awards impulsed by ADI-FAD.

FAD Awards to Architecture and Interior Design 2016

The scope of the prizes is the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearics and it is open to works completed between the 1st of January and the 31st of December 2015. The deadline for entering works and presenting materials is 12 noon of Wednesday 27th of January 2016 and the awards will comprise the following categories: Architecture, Interior Design, City and Landscape and Ephemeral Interventions.

Habitacola Awards: Roofs

The themes chosen for these awards have always dealt with relevant aspects for society and have tackled current issues that are unresolved. In this edition we are asking for thoughts on the use of flat roofs, on the possibilities of recovering and reintroducing urban flat roofs in the quotidian life of the city, of the district, of the building; in short, in people’s daily lives.

City to City 2016

The award, created and developed by FAD, has been higlighting urban improvemen projects since 2008. This december it opens a new call for contesters, this time focusing on the relationship urban life and education.

Laus Awards 2016

Organized annually by the ADG–FAD, The Laus Awards have a rich history in celebrating, nurturing and promoting outstanding work in the Spanish design and advertising industries. Having long served as a barometer of Spanish creativity, the 46th edition of the Laus Awards are now open, for the first time, to international design and advertising professionals and students.

ADI Awards 2016

ADI-FAD launches a new name, “ADI Awards”, to identify the design prizes that are best-regarded on the national scene and which enjoy international recognition. In a competition that is once again held biennially, the ADI Awards have added a new prize, the ADI Culture Award, which will join the now classic Delta Awards (product) and ADI Medal (students).

SHARE HAT: Fashion, Architecture and community

Ya tenemos a los ganadores del primer encuentro "BCN Digital Sketching", que tuvo lugar durante el FADfest.

Winners of “BCN Digital Sketching”

We now have winners of the first "BCN Digital Sketching" session, staged in the FADfest.

Meet the winners of the Laus Awards

El pasado viernes 3 de junio tuvo lugar la Nit Laus, la gran fiesta del grafismo y la publicidad de Barcelona. El Disseny Hub Barcelona acogió la entrega de los Premios Laus, unos galardones que reconocen, desde hace 51 años los mejores proyectos realizados por profesionales y estudiantes de diseño gráfico, publicidad y comunicación visual.

Winners of the FAD Awards to Architecture and Habitàcola Awards 2015

El pasado jueves 2 de julio, en el marco del FADfest, tuvo lugar la ceremonia de entrega de los Premios FAD de Arquitectura e Interiorismo 2015 y los Premios Habitàcola para estudiantes, en el Disseny HUB Barcelona, ​​acto que estuvo presidido por la alcaldesa de Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau. Este año se han presentado un total de 458 obras a estos galardones, de entre las cuales el jurado ha seleccionado 16.
Enric Martí (ESDI) - Gold winner MODAFAD Awards

MODAFAD Awards winners

The 39th edition of MODAFAD, the catwalk show for emerging fashion designers, was staged on 3 July. This summer edition showcased a selection of the best degree dissertations or projects by the students of Barcelona’s design schools. The catwalk shows ended with the presentation of the MODAFAD T Project Fashion Awards. See the winners here!

ColorForward® presents four color trends for 2016

Plastic products designers had an appointment at the FADfest on 1 July, led by Clariant ColorWorks Europe and Materfad, at the presentation of ColorForward®. This is an initiative by Clariant to help the sector’s professionals in taking colour-related decisions.

More than a thousand attendees at the inauguration of the FADfest’15

The FADfest was inaugurated the 29th of june with an induction conference given by Tim Simpson ofGlithero, the studio he shares with the Dutchwoman Sarah van Gameren, a paradigm of trans-disciplinarity on an international scale.

Leading edge and respect for the environment with Renault ZOE at the FADfest

This year, Renault ZOE with 100% electric technology joins the most cutting-edge design as an official sponsor of the FADfest. Leading edge and respect for the environment go hand in hand thanks to this collaboration.

Inhabit, from the body and from objects in the Out of Place exhibition

El Último Grito, the London based studio of Spanish designers Roberto Feo and Rosario Hurtado, are some of the artists who investigate the concept of habitaje from multiple positions in the exhibition misplaced. With Imaginary Architectures bodies roam the glass of a primitive city that seems to devour itself.

The Iron Ring creator speaker of the Out of Place Talks.

Cecilia Jonsson, creator of The Iron Ring explores how contaminated mining grounds may benefit from the mining of metals. For The Iron Ring, 24kg of iron-tainted grass was removed from contaminated mining grounds and transformed into a ring of 2g metallic iron.